From small town to big city.

Our Head Trainer and founder, Brian grew up on a small town farm in Western New York.  Dogs have been a constant in Brian's life.  His childhood was filled with family dogs, as has his professional journey.  Brian joined the U.S. Navy shortly after graduating High School in July 2002.  Two years later, he graduated from the Military Working Dog Handlers Course and began his career in canine handling, training and instruction.

Throughout his 7 years of military service, Brian served as a Military Working Dog Handler stationed in Guam, including a 6 month deployment to Iraq with his Military Working Dog, Brit.  He then served as a Military Working Dog Trainer and Instructor at Lackland Air Force Base located in San Antonio, Texas where he trained canines and instructed students in the Military Working Dog Handlers Course.

Since ending his military service in 2009, Brian has worked extensively with multiple government
organizations, private contractors, and local police departments within the canine community.  His broad training experience includes Military Working Dogs and contract dogs consisting of bite work, basic/advanced obedience, and basic/advanced detection and tracking.  Brian has personal training experience with puppy training, basic and advanced obedience, off-leash training, behavior shaping and modification, as well as aggressive canines.


Paws of Pride is dedicated to helping dog owners understand their canine companions.  We focus on teaching canines to respect their families, environment, and society.  Paws of Pride was founded in July 2019 and aims to achieve “excellence through understanding”.  We strive to demonstrate this in our training, guidance, and handling techniques. 


With over 15 years of instructional experience and a highly motivated trainer teaching your canine companion, Paws of Pride offers an invaluable and customizable training service for those in the Greater Cleveland area.a.



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